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Many businesses today are not aware of the role of trademark protection and this can have very serious and costly consequences in the future.

Why must trademark protection?

Trademark protection aims for the following purposes: – Protecting the investment results and reputation of the business for its products / services – Encouraging healthy competition, attracting domestic and domestic investment sources abroad – Ensuring the interests of consumers to choose reputable products – Enhancing commercial values ​​for businesses

Why do businesses need to register trademarks?

If the trademark is not registered for protection, when an enterprise brings the product to market, it is easy for others to imitate it without having a legal basis to ask the competent state authorities to force them. have to stop that. On the other hand, the use of an unregistered trademark may violate another person’s registered trademark and may be subject to legal action. If the trademark has become well known and well known, the ownership is only recognized when it is granted a trademark registration certificate.

How to register a trademark?

Trademarks that meet the prescribed protection conditions will be granted a Trademark Registration Certificate (GCN). The GCN will be valid from the date of issue until the end of 10 years from the date of filing the Application. After 10 years, the GCN extension can be extended several times in a row, every 10 years. A Trademark Application, when submitted to the National Office of Intellectual Property, if convenient (without any refusal) will be processed in the following order and time:
As a rule, the time from the time of application to the time of granting is about 12-14 months. However, at present, because the number of applications at the NOIP is overcrowded while the number of appraisers is limited, the evaluation time is often longer than expected. Therefore the actual total expected time for the registration process is about 18-24 months. Please CONTACT US or comment below for a detailed quote and free consultation on trademark registration.

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